Social Tango Lessons with Trista Brophy

Forget everything that you think you know about Argentine Tango and leave your roses at home. Social tango is all about a great connection, a smooth walk, and a warm embrace.

These lessons will focus on building the fundamentals required to express yourself and communicate clearly with any partner. The courses focus on body mechanics, quality of movement, musicality, and communication. The material is challenging, but incredibly fun and rewarding.   This program is open to those brand new to Tango and also to the experienced Tango dancer who wants to improve and polish their dance. 

What should I expect at the classes and practice?

-Social Argentine Tango. Although we don’t focus on any one specific style of Argentine tango, we work mostly with Milonguero and Salon styles. We typically dance in close embrace, but ultimately the embrace is negotiated by what each dancer is comfortable with. If you are wanting to dance international ballroom, North American, Fantasia, or other styles, this is probably not the school for you.

-Awesome traditional tango music from the 1920s-1950s. We do not play Nuevo music at all. We may use alternative non-tango music during classes warm-ups or for specific exercises.

-Our classes will be fun and safe. We teach and enforce general tango etiquette. We reserve the right to eject students from the classes and practices if they are causing harm to anyone. This is for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. We also encourage everyone to speak up for their own comfort and safety.

-Everyone is welcome to dance any role they like. We welcome and encourage men as followers, women as leaders, non-binary dancers, and any combination in between. Tango is for everyone.

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All Levels Drop-In Class

Currently our Monday night classes are suspended, with hopes to restart in October! Please check back then!

Rena’s Ballroom, 720 NW 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609

This all-levels course will focus on foundations of social tango including embrace, connection, and walking. We will learn several common social figures, including variations and musicality. This program is open to those brand new to Tango and also to the experienced Tango dancer who want to improve and polish their dance. Each class is approximately 75 minutes with a 45 minute guided practice session immediately after. No pre-registration required, just show up!

Cost: $15 Regular Entrance, $10 college students

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UF Argentine Tango Club Class

Dance Studio on the Ground Floor of the UF Reitz Union

655 Reitz Union Drive, Gainesville, FL 32611

Start your tango journey with the UF Argentine Tango Club. You’ll be challenged to think and move using tango ideas with an engaging and diverse group. You will do individual exercises and partner activities to explore what tango is all about!

Classes will be held at 8:30pm on Wednesdays and 6:15pm on Fridays during the Fall semester, with some exceptions so be sure to check the Argentine Tango Club’s FB page for details, dates, and times! No pre-registration required, just show up!

Cost: Free for all

Tango TuneUp.jpg

Tango Tune-Up is a fun and challenging workout for tango dancers! This intensive 2 hour session is dedicated to drills and exercises that will strengthen and "tune-up" your body specifically for the kinds of movements required in tango. Most of the class is individual work focused on technique and body mechanics.

This class is good for All Levels and even those who have never danced tango.

Bring: water, yoga mat or towel, dance shoes & socks or ballet slippers

Stay tuned for our next class, coming soon. 

Tango Tune Up Tickets

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Improve your dance with focused study and exercises customized for your needs to help you reach your goals!

Private Lessons with Trista Brophy are 1 hour long for up to 2 people.  Lessons are held in Trista's home studio in NE Gainesville (near Satchel’s Pizza, zip code 32609). They can be arranged in another location for an additional fee. Trista travels monthly to Tampa, and makes regular trips to Tallahassee and Orlando, so lessons can be arranged in your home city as well.

24-hour Rescheduling Policy: You may reschedule a Private Lesson for another available time and/or day with 12-hour notice. Private Lessons are good for one year from purchase date. No refunds are given for Private Lessons purchased. Should you not want to continue private lessons, the money paid towards lessons could be used towards any classes, milongas, or special workshops held by the Tango Exchange.

New students will need to attend a class and/or meet with Trista before beginning a private lesson program. The best time is to drop by the Monday evening class and practilonga between 7-10pm in Gainesville.

Private Tango Lessons

Please email us to verify availability and arrange scheduling before you purchase private lessons.