The most elegant way to invite and accept a dance is to use the cabeceo, executed entirely with the eyes and body language. Once a dance is accepted, please find your partner on the outside of the floor. Do not walk across the floor once the tanda has started. If you want to dance with someone but they look away, respect their decision to not dance with you. Do not approach them verbally and do not stare at them. The best way to get their attention is by dancing well with somebody else, then try to cabeceo them later. 

Respect The Ronda

Ask the oncoming leader before merging onto the floor by making eye contact. Once on the floor, pay attention to those who may be wanting to enter. Maintain a lane and do not zigzag in and out of lanes. Avoid passing other couples. Keep the flow by continuing to move forward in the line and not monopolizing the space. Don't talk, just dance. Talking during the dance is inconsiderate to your partner and others around you. Avoid dangerous moves like high boleos and ganchos, which can cause serious injury on a crowded floor. 

Codigos fight.png

Be Kind To Each Other

Always ask for a dance politely. Accept and decline dances gracefully. Respect your partner at all times during the dance and don't force them to take an embrace or do a move. If you accidentally bump someone, or they bump you, just apologize after the song ends and make sure everyone is ok. Please don't teach on the dance floor. We are family... let's treat each other like such. 

No Flash Photography

The easiest way to destroy the magic of an embrace is by having a bright light flash in your face. If you are taking photos, no flash is allowed. There are many websites and blogs that can give you tips to shooting tango in low-light. Also, please no tripods. Space is limited and people are constantly moving around. We don't want any tripping hazards.