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Social Argentine Tango Class w/ Nico & Trista

  • Gainesville Tango Exchange 720 NW 23d Avenue Gainesville, FL 32609 United States (map)
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Nico & Trista will be co-teaching this special drop-in class!

Nico is a dancer born and raised in Gainesville and is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She believes that tango is about connection. Through the connection to the music we connect to our partners and ourselves. She believes that tango is a conversation. She looks forward to working with you on techniques that will allow for this connection to different orchestras and inspire active dancers, not just leaders and followers.

This class is open to those brand new to Tango and also to the experienced Tango dancer who want to improve and polish their dance. Each class is approximately 75 minutes with a 45 minute guided practice session immediately after. No pre-registration required, just show up!

Cost: $15 Regular Entrance, $10 college students

What should I expect at the classes and practice?

-Social Argentine Tango. Although we don’t focus on any one specific style of Argentine tango, we work mostly with Milonguero and Salon styles. We typically dance in close embrace, but ultimately the embrace is negotiated by what each dancer is comfortable with. If you are wanting to dance international ballroom, North American, Fantasia, or other styles, this is probably not the school for you.

-Awesome traditional tango music from the 1920s-1950s. We do not play Nuevo music at all. We may use alternative non-tango music during classes warm-ups or for specific exercises.

-Our classes will be fun and safe. We teach and enforce general tango etiquette. We reserve the right to eject students from the classes and practices if they are causing harm to anyone. This is for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. We also encourage everyone to speak up for their own comfort and safety.

-Everyone is welcome to dance any role they like. We welcome and encourage men as followers, women as leaders, non-binary dancers, and any combination in between. Tango is for everyone.