The Tampa Tango Festathon is a new take on an old tradition. The original event, USF Tango Festival, began in 2012 by students of the Argentine Tango Club at USF who wanted to bring high-quality instructors and DJs to the Tampa Bay area. Now, the event has been reimagined with fresh eyes and ideas, and is still sponsored and supported by college students, as well as surrounding community members. It's a little bit of festival, a little bit of marathon, and a whole lot of fun. We look forward to having you join the party! 


Homer & Cristina- (San Francisco) Homer and Cristina are committed to creating a positive class environment and try to reduce barriers that may inhibit students from really finding their own dance. They emphasize a fusion of tango ideologies, via the "one tango" philosophy. They believe there are four branches of tango awareness: Self, Partner, Music, and Surroundings and they encourage students to each dance their own style. 

Adam & Tilly- (Boston) Adam's teaching style is grounded and tactile, as he experiences tango as a physical, reactionary dance. He encourages his students to be creative, inventive, playful and musical. Tilly approaches dance as a physical manifestation of music, and she views tango as a particularly expressive medium for communicating ideas and feelings not well-captured by language. 

Victoria Sarquisse- (Tampa) Founder and CEO of TANGOFLEX, Victoria is a professional dancer, trained gymnast, master fitness instructor, spin, weight training, dance instructor and personal trainer with over 18 years of experience teaching flexibility, dance and fitness classes. Victoria has experience and studies in Flexibility, Yoga, Spin, Weight Training, Personal Training and Nutrition.  She is AFAA certified and holds a Therapeutic Exercise Specialty Certification through the ACE. She has taught and help build programs at many gyms around the U.S. such as Gold’s Gym, YMCA, UCF Athletic Dept, Lifestyle Family Fitness and Powerhouse Gym.  Victoria teaches at her own studio in Tampa where she develops flexibility trainings and postural therapies to clients with specific needs.


Angel Montero.jpg

Angel Montero (Atlanta)

Angel started DJing in Atlanta in 2004 and over the years has become one of the most sought after DJs in the country. Angel usually favors rhythmic music but he pays close attention to the energy he gets from the dance floor. Most importantly, he does not believe in killing the milonga...hew always wants you to go home wanting more. Angel is regularly invited to DJ in festivals and milongas in Denver, Ann Arbor, Austin, Kansas City, DC, Puerto Rico, Cleveland, NYC, Dallas, and Baltimore. He is a returning DJ to this event in Tampa!


DJ Richard Cepeda (Los Angeles)

Originally from Miami, Florida, Richard discovered Tango while in college at the University of Florida in 2009. He quickly fell in love with the dance and became obsessed with the music. He's traveled the globe dancing and studying the art of creating an energetic and intoxicating dance experience. He's been invited to DJ at milonga in Florida, San Diego, Chicago, Paris and is a regular favorite in LA's most popular milongas.  



DJ Amanda DiGarli (Boulder)

While studying engineering at Purdue University in 2009, Amanda became involved with the Argentine Tango Club and has been hooked ever since. Her passion for tango has taken her all across North America from coast to coast and abroad. Even more, her love for the music shows through as she focuses on keeping the crowd happy, energized, and dancing all night long. 

Tai Maria (Puerto Rico)

Originally from Puerto Rico, Tai fell in love with tango in 2006. Since then she has played a major role in building the tango community in San Juan. Co-founder and teacher at Y Entonces, organizer of the Puerto Rico Tango Marathon, regular DJ at Milonga Tangozando, and other local milongas. Recently, Tai has also been invited to many cities, including major festivals and marathons, across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Tai is known for playing a beautiful and precise selection of music, bringing a very contagious energy to the dance floor. She does a great job connecting with the dancers tanda after tanda, creating a constant delicous mood!

DJ Edmond Bardhi (Ann Arbor)

Edmond was inspired to start DJing by his passion for tango music and early exposure to great DJs. DJing regularly in Ann Arbor and nearby communities, he developed a rich style full of rhythmical presence and lyrical complexity.  Edmond attentively manages the flow of energy to enhance the dancers' connection while keeping the crowd invigorated with playful cortinas and milongas so fast they’ll make your feet hurt. Edmond is frequently invited to DJ at various festivals, marathons, and milongas, including Ann Arbor, Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Cleveland... and now in Tampa! 

DJ Adam Cornett (Providence)

Adam started DJing in 2001 cutting his teeth at the Portland 50/50 Wednesday milonga. He also DJ'd Tango Berretin and his own milonga in Portland. Adam has DJ'd at many festivals and now DJ's a once a month vinyl milonga in Boston featuring his tango vinyl collection as well as his weekly milonga in Providence. 


Shelley Goldstein Photographer (1).png

Shelley Goldstein

Seattle-based photographer Shelley Goldstein has been seeing life as photographs in her mind long before she picked up a camera. She loves capturing that intangible yet palpable magic between dancers. She's usually willing to put her camera down if you ask for a tanda! We are so excited to have this beautiful dancer and photographer at the Festathon!



Trista Brophy & Joshua Bernard

Trista has been dancing and organizing in Tampa since 2009, where she first began at the Argentine Tango Club at USF. She loves D'Arienzo and Biagi and squishy hugs. When she's not dancing, Trista is an advocate for climate change and energy policy, and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and the ocean! 

Joshua originally was a salsa dancer  before tango found him in 2015. Since then he's caught the travel bug and has attended several festivals across the U.S. He has an eye for aesthetics and is the one behind the beautiful venue and decor! When he's not traveling or dancing, Joshua is practicing his patience with the art of Bonsai!