The Hip Room

All milongas Friday night-Sunday will be held in the historic Tampa Heights district at The Hip Room dance studio. The 100 year old building is the centerpiece of The Height's Yellow Brick Row and the studio is alive with the cinematic architecture of those bygone days. 

Natural light dances across the gleaming old-world wood floors, flooding in from wall-to-wall windows. Our beautiful art-deco stage looks like it came straight from the set of The Great Gatsby. Simply stated, the space is beautiful.  

Thursday night Pre-Marathon Milonga: Tampa Tango Exchange Studio at 3932 W. Hillsborough Ave, Tampa

Friday afternoon Picnic Milonga: Macfarlane Park at 1720 N. MacDill Avenue

Friday night-Sunday Milongas: The Hip Room Dance Studio at 1701 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602

VALET: Cash in front of The Hall on Franklin Street. Please note if you are staying past 1am your keys will be available for pickup at the registration desk inside the Hip Room. 

SELF PARKING: Due to a lot of development in the area since last year, parking is going to be a bit of a challenge (but we are tango dancers so we obviously love challenges). Please give yourself plenty of time to find parking and walk a few blocks to the venue if necessary. 

There is free street parking along the following streets: (Note, there may be other street parking too. Read all signs before leaving your vehicle to ensure you parked correctly. Some street only allow parking on one side or up to a certain point.)

  • Franklin Street

  • Highland Avenue in front of the Water Works Park

  • Henderson Avenue

  • 7th Avenue to the West of Franklin Street

  • Pierce Street

  • Morgan Avenue

  • Oak Street up to Jefferson

There is also a lot directly across the street, on the corner of Henderson & Franklin, labeled The Hall & The Hip Room, with tow-away signs. It is ok to park there. On Saturday and Sunday only (not Friday) you can park in the lot in front of Heights Building, on the corner of 7th and Franklin. We do not recommend parking in other lots, as most are private and you will be towed or ticketed. Check for tow-away and no-parking signs along the roads and do not block driveways. There are some city-owned public garages and lots several blocks south of The Hip Room in the downtown area, if you don't mind the walk or taking an Uber/Lyft. The riverwalk is a beautiful and security-patrolled route to use. The area is pretty safe but take normal precautions walking to your vehicle alone late at night. If you're at the hotel, just take the shuttle or an Uber/Lyft. 

Street Parking Map.png